Locals give feedback on Jackson Zoo conditions


A Hinds County Chancery Judge grants the City of Jackson a temporary restraining order against the Jackson Zoological Society.

The restraining order prevents the illegal transfer of animals from the zoo.

A hearing will be held next Monday to discuss the zoo’s fate…

With all this controversy, we began to wonder what Jackson locals thought about the location of the zoo; whether or not it is in a good spot.

Kenyatta Webster has lived in Jackson her whole life, she said the location of the zoo is fine, but that it could use better maintenance.

“The Zoo has been here many years,” Webster said. “I think it’s actually a great place, if the community is gonna fix it up it would be better. If we come together and stick together… (rather) than fight and reacting at each other. If they come together, it’d really be a good place.”

Webster also says that the zoo has a lot of potential to make the community better.

Edward Daniel lives in the neighborhood, and he thinks that the zoo is a great addition to the community.

“I might say, ‘well I ain’t got nothin’ to do me and my wife will say ‘ wanna go to the zoo?'” Daniel explained. “Even if we’re mad at each other we can go to the zoo and it’ll take all the fuss off of us and we can look at the animals.”

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