Logging industry suffers from excessive rain in January


Loggers suffering from excessive rain in January 2020 (Photo: Kate Cornell/12 News)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — When it rains in Mississippi, it can wash out events like picnics or barbecues, but for people in the logging industry, it can wash out a day’s work and wages.

“Some have reported missing almost half their working days of the month of January,” Tedrick Ratcliff, with the State Forestry Association said.

Ratcliff explained that when we endure rain like this it makes it extremely difficult, sometimes even impossible for loggers to do their job. The way they adjust is usually just waiting it out.

“Many people just haven’t been able to work as they normally would,” Ratcliff said. “Sometimes there is no opportunity to cope, they just aren’t able to work in those events.”

But the rest of the world keeps turning…

“The bills don’t stop, the insurance premiums don’t stop,” Ratcliff added.

While it’s tough on the loggers, the weather issues stretch far beyond just logging.

“Almost 5% of manufacturing jobs in Mississippi are forest products manufacturing jobs,” Ratcliff explained. “Over $3 billion of wages paid out to individuals that work here in Mississippi.”

In moderation… rain is a good thing, but when it’s non stop… it becomes excessive.

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