JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Powerball jackpot has reached another record high after there was no winner in Saturday’s drawing.

A winning lottery ticket hasn’t been sold since August 3, causing the jackpot to keep climbing higher and higher. Now, the jackpot is the highest it’s ever been, reaching an estimated $1.9 billion.

“Y’all aren’t going to see me anymore. I’m about to spend all that money,” said one lottery player.

A $1.9 billion jackpot means if someone won and took the lump sum, they would bring home $929 million before taxes. The odds of winning are only about one in 292,000,000, but people in the metro are hopeful and have already started making plans for the winnings.

“I’m buying my parents a new house, buying all my family members a new house. Everything,” said one lottery player.

“I would take care of these homeless people on the street. I was feeding them at one time, letting them come into my house to eat and wash their clothes and take a shower. I would find a facility and put them in it. I would help them in that way, as well as take care of my family too,” said another lottery player.

The next Powerball drawing is Monday night.