Lovebug season poses threat to your vehicle paint and engine


ARKLAMISS (9/25/19) Around this time every year lovebugs come from down south to pay us a visit and it’s nearly impossible to avoid them.

Denis Jacobson says he has to clean the “Windshield about every day, and headlights. As far as the vehicle about once every week or two.”

Forcing motorists to keep up with the grime they leave behind.

Ray Gambino recently had to drive to Florida for a cruise. He says “We were going, we drove for three days going and we cleaned them off before we got on the cruise ship, we’d been there 8 days then three days driving home and everyday I would have to do what I’m doing now, scrubbing them off.”

And as love bug season continues, it’s a good idea to pay attention to how many stick to your vehicle. Not only are annoying and disgusting, but if you leave them on your vehicle too long, they could do some serious damage to your paint.

Matt Parker, owner of Parker Auto Body in West Monroe, says “Those bugs have acid in them of some type and after you leave them on there, they will cause pitting in you paint.”

He also says the damage could go even under the hood.

“I’ve seen instances where there’s so many love bugs on the car it caused the car to overheat because they’ll get in there and stop up the radiator and then the air can’t get in there to cool it down” says Parker.

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