Lt. Governor refutes ‘road investigation’ report released by Attorney General


Reeves calls report a political stunt

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves says Attorney General Jim Hood misused the powers of his office to write and release a report claiming Reeves’ strong armed lawmakers in order to build a frontage road leading to his neighborhood.

The controversy first surfaced last year. Claims were made alleging Reeves leaned on the MS Department of Transportation and Rankin County lawmakers to build a road from Lakeland Drive to his subdivision costing upwards of $2-million. MDOT Commissioner Dick Hall later claimed the projects as the idea of the commission and said the construction of the road was due to safety concerns at that location.

Hood released a political ad alluding to the road this summer and Wednesday he released a report.

Reeves campaign says the timing of the report smacks of ‘dirty politics’. He released this video in response.

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