Madison Central moms decorate houses to honor their seniors


MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) — Several moms at Madison Central High School planned a special surprise for their seniors on Thursday morning by decorating their doors with different themes based on where students are going to college next year.

Miller Widemire said that not being able to partake in senior traditional events has been a real drag, but that this surprise made her day.

“She [my mom] knew how much it meant to me that I was having to skip out on the rest of senior year,” Miller said. “She knew how sad I was to not be with my friends so to know that she had been planning something just random and surprising something was really sweet.”

One parent –Layla Essary,– whose daughter –Olivia– is going to Mississippi State next year said that the hardest part of all was keeping it a secret.

“We got the official announcement from the governor that they would not be going back to school,” Layla said. “Our heart was breaking. There’s very few things we can do but we can show them that they are loved and that we can celebrate in a very unique way.”

“The fact that they kept it a surprise was really crazy to me,” Olivia said. “But also just the fact that they took time to do it with being in quarantine meant a lot to me.”

Leslie Crawford –Chase Crawford’s mom– is the mom who headed everything up in the first place, she said that in this crazy time it’s important to honor the seniors.

“It’s just an unprecedented time in our lives and in their lives,” Leslie said. “What a year to graduate. So we just wanted to spotlight our kids, and that’s what we’re doing.”

“It’s just a good surprise it’s good to know that we’re being appreciated for all the work that we put in really since kindergarten,” Chase said. “We don’t get graduation but we still get celebrated.”

All three seniors said that they hope underclassmen will cherish every minute when their senior year rolls around, because you never know what could happen.

Avery Tate, Senior at Madison Central High School
Cameron Nester, Senior at Madison Central High School
Spencer Wigginton, Senior at Madison Central High School
Maggie McKenzie, Senior at Madison Central High School
Mary Philip Bariola, Senior at Madison Central High School

Caitlin and Meghan Thrash, Seniors at Madison Central High School

John Logan, Senior at Madison Central High School

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