Madison Co. School District employee, swim coach charged with two counts of sexual battery


UPDATE: 10:35 p.m. RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. – A swim coach in Madison County who’s been employed with the public school district is facing serious charges accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor in Rankin County.

Savannah Reis of Brandon was taken into custody by the Rankin County Sheriffs Department last Friday, she’s since been released on bond.

The 34-year-old whos husband founded the Performance Elite Aquatics Program in Madison is facing multiple accounts of sexual battery after tips to the Rankin County Sheriffs Department led them to believe she was having an inappropriate relationship with a swimmer.

She was once trusted to watch over and train kids to be successful swimmers, but now Performance Elite Aquatics coach Savannah Reis is accused of having sexual relationships with a former athlete.

“It was actually brought to the attention of the department through an anonymous tip,” Rankin County Sheriffs Legal Counsel Paul Holley told us. “Our investigators followed up on it brought on the form of the indictment passed down on Friday. Mrs. Reis was then booked in the Rankin County jail.”

The full indictment of Savannah Reis.

The indictment lays out two counts of sexual battery charges accusing Reis of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male swimmer from May through August of 2018.

“It’s pretty unusual around here so it came as a little bit of a shock,” Counsel Holley said. “That section of the sexual battery statute actually carries a penalty of up to 30 years in prison because that person is in a position of authority over the victim.”

Deputies in the Rankin County Sheriffs Office urge parents everywhere to be on the lookout for issues like these and put a stop to it early.

“I think just being active in your kids’ lives,” Counsel Holly explained. “Paying attention to any signs or changes in behavior. Trying to keep an open line of communication which I know with teenagers can be hard.”

Reis was released on a $35,000 bond less than 24 hours after being brought into the Rankin County detention center. In a statement, the family’s legal team said, “any accusations, suggestions, or allegations that sexual assault took place is absolutely false. And her husband Fernando Reis who founded the performance elite aquatics program desires to support his wife.”

Savannah Reis is expected to appear for a settlement hearing in March of 2020. And though she was a teacher in the Madison County School District, the board tells us she was placed on leave after these allegations emerged and her coaching had nothing to do with school athletics.

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV)- A Madison County School District employee has been indicted on two counts of sexual battery.

34-year-old Savannah Reis was indicted on Friday in Rankin County.

She allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

Reis also worked as a swimming coach with her husband.

According to the Madison County School District, Savannah Reis was placed on leave before the school year started. School is being held as usual with no disruptions. Reis is not nor has she ever been associated with athletics in Madison County Schools.

The district also says they are continuing to monitor the situation.

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