Madison County family loses historic barn in storm, another faces 30+ fallen trees in yard


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Surviving Wednesday mornings storm without fatalities or injuries was only the beginning for Madison County as they now clean up any property they lost.

Many homes and businesses are still left in the dark after two days from Flora to the Reservoir. First responders and power crews were in full force going door to door checking in on people while securing down power lines. But the cleanup process has a long way to go.

Its been almost 48 hours since people in Madison County were startled out of bed by the storm, but those in its path still remember its powerful force.

“It was a pretty good hail storm going and that made a lot of noise,” Terry Davis off Rankin Rd. said. “Certainly got our attention and had a little bit of a water leak in the house.”

“Obviously wind, didn’t really know about the hail until later on,” Dennis Rankin of Madison County told us. “But it was just a big noise.”

Though the Rankin’s suffered minor damage to their home, right across the yard sat their family barn almost 100 years old demolished by fallen trees.

“Well try to rebuild it as close to the original as we can,” Rankin said. “It’s kind of like losing a part of the family. My granddad, my uncle, and my dad built that. We don’t want to change the footprint of the place.”

Down the road, the Davis family also escaped harm’s way, but face the burden of more than 30 fallen trees covering their 55-acre property.

“It makes us feel very blessed and very protective because these trees can be replaced and the property can be enjoyed,” Davis expressed. “One thing that amazes me is the number of trees we still have.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Madison County Emergency Management estimated over 4,000 homes and businesses in the county are still without power. But most in the dark should see power back by Friday morning.

“We are working to clean the streets and gain access to them,” Emergency Management Director Albert Jones III said. “But just be patient with us we are working. We aren’t neglecting anyone, but we are doing the best we can to try to clear the roadways.”

If you have any property or road damage around your home you believe the county should know about you can report it to your local EMA by clicking here.

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