Madison County Schools doing well one month into fall semester


MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) — It’s been argued that anyone working in or attending schools –particularly primary schools– has had it the hardest during the pandemic.

Just a few miles up the road, Madison County Schools has transitioned from hybrid learning to an exclusive online program as well as a traditional program.
Superintendent Charlotte Seals said so far, it’s been going well for both.

“Kindergarten and first have iPads,” Seals said. “Our second through eighth grade have chrome books our ninth through 12th have MacBooks.”

For anyone having a hard time with internet connection, the district is working to create hotspots on each device.

“We’d like to think everything could be perfect but we know that it won’t,” Seals said. “Here’s what I can promise: if there is a problem, we will get on it and try to get it resolved as quickly as possible.”

A few seniors at Madison Central High School said that they’re just ready for things to start going back to normal, and that this is the first step in that direction.

“It’s good to know that we’re having kind of a normal senior year,” Carsyn Clunan said. “It’s not like the one we had hoped for but it’s kind of a relief that we actually get to go.”

Carsyn’s mom Jennifer sad that it’s possible for students to fall behind a bit, but that Madison County Schools is setting a stage that will create the smallest gap possible.

“They’re doing the best that they can,” Jennifer said. “I guess they will but I guess they all will just because the circumstances. They’re all being dealt the same hand.”

Carsyn and Jennifer agreed that this is the safest place to learn for the time being.

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