MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – All parks will remain open in Madison County after some discussion about closing them.

The Madison County Board of Supervisors voted to keep four parks open after a proposal last week to close them in order to save money but one park still hangs in the balance.

It was a full house at the Madison County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday morning.

Outside the board room, people filled the hall in support of keeping county parks open.

“I think it shows the citizens of Madison County are concerned about our quality of life. Parks are needed in all areas. Parks are like schools and they’re needed,” said Bill Washington, a Madison County resident.

The board voted to keep Rogers, Camden, Fairview and Estes Banks parks open.

One county employee, with help from inmates, will be responsible for cutting grass at the parks.

That will save the county thousands of dollars every year.

“I’m very positive about it. Because it shouldn’t of even been on the agenda it shouldn’t of been a topic,” said Washington.

Neighbors said closing the parks would hurt the community.

“By that being the only park in our area, it means our kids have something exciting to do,” said Joyce Taylor, a Madison County Park Board Member.

“These are the people that pay our salaries and it’s their money that were using. These are the taxpayers’ money we’re using,” said Supervisor Paul Griffin of District Five.

However, one park is still being discussed.

District Five Supervisor Paul Griffin says work started on the 60 acres Sulphur Springs Park years ago and the county has invested $2,000,000 in it.

“Now the projection is another half million and we could have it up and running where the people can use it,” said Supervisor Griffin.

Supervisor Trey Baxter has proposed selling the property. He did not want to comment on the park issue.

But Supervisor Griffin believes the county would lose money by selling it.

The issue was tabled but will come back up in July.