Major water damage sparks people of Holmes County to call for better flood control


LEXINGTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Heavy rain over the past couple of days has overflown many drain ditches and creeks in Holmes County engulfing low-lying areas. Many people off Highway 17 near the Black Creek left for work in their cars but came home early needing their boats to get back in their homes to save what they could.

“I got my clothes in the dryer out, I got my coffee because I love my coffee,” Okemus Gordon of Lexington said. “I got probably two or three outfits then everything else I just left.”

Gordon is one of many displaced in this flood putting a new job on hold. He spent most of the day lending his boat to others getting to safety and belongings out of the flood.

“Was going to leave out Sunday and have to call my boss in an hour and let him know that I got flooded,” Gordon told us. “And it’s going to be a couple of days before I can get to work.”

Across town, streets behind the Tony’s Express were going under forcing many to move their cars, but not have enough time to protect their homes. People grew frustrated.

“They’re pushing the water up under people’s houses,” Rev. Willie James Brown complained. “I live right down there, and it’s messed up bad. Why are you adding to a problem that’s already existing? You don’t own nothing down here so why are you coming through here?”

Many creeks and drain ditches run around these neighborhoods, and locals tell me they are clogged with trees as debris. They’re calling on County or State leaders to dig them out and build better flood control.

“I’ve been asking for that the last three years,” Rev. Brown stated. “No one has ever put a shovel to that down there.”

Water was receding as the night went on but damage clean up will take a few days. A big toll on everyone’s finances making people unsure if they’ll make ends meet.

“I’m disabled with a stroke in 2008 and many light strokes,” Leroy Hill of Lexington said. “And the money isn’t there like it used to so I can restart. These big leaders, I hope they step in and do what they’ve been elected to do.”

Lexington is still fortunate everyone made it to safety on time and no deaths or injuries were reported.

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