PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) — It appears that the controversial “Make America Great Again” billboard on Highway 80 in Pearl has been covered up.

Mayor Brad Rogers told WJTV on Friday that he would have the billboard removed this week.

When our crews went to see if any action had been taken on Monday, the sign appeared to have a black cover on it.

The billboard had a picture from the Civil Rights era with the words “Make America Great Again” on it, which was the slogan President-elect Donald Trump used during his campaign.

The ad says it was paid for by For Freedoms. Last week, WJTV talked to Hank Thomas, who is one of the artists behind the billboard.

“We don’t know much about Donald Trump except that he likes attention and he will say anything to get it,” said Hank Willis Thomas, co-founder of For Freedoms. “I really want us to start to ask harder questions like well what do you mean when you say make America great again? That has not yet been asked.”

WJTV reached left a message for Mayor Rogers about the billboard Monday. We will update this story if he gets back to us.