Margaritas explains additional charges on customers’ credit cards


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – More than 150 people were charged extra for their meals or charged completely out of the blue over the weekend at Margaritas in Jackson.

Assistant manager Thalia Fuentes explained that these errors did not happen in-house.

“We have two different companies,” Fuentes said. “We have one that does our terminals when we slide the credit cards and one actually processes the payments for us. We’re trying to figure out which of the two was the one that double charged.”

Fuentes said based on the way their software works, in order for this to have happened in-house, the card would have to have been swiped more than once. Many of the extra charges happened well after Margaritas closes.

“Customers were charged at like 3:00 a.m. at night, Fuentes said. “We were not in business at those hours.”

Fuentes said she has asked the companies to revisit this weekend’s transactions and that people will soon be reimbursed.

“I was told that it should be posting back to their account in the next five to seven business days,” Fuentes explained.

Fuentes added that although it was no one at Margaritas fault that this happened, they are still sorry.

“We were not aware of this and we are very sorry that it happened,” Fuentes said. “We are working as fast as possible.”


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