Mass casualty incident at Calif. “Nazi mega-rally”

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SACRAMENTO – Officials said Sunday afternoon they are responding to a “mass casualty incident” at the state capital in California where a long-planned rally of numerous West Coast white supremacist groups.

The Sacramento Fire Department tweeted that at least 5 patients have been transported to the hospital with stab wounds so far.

UPDATE: 5 patients transported to area hospitals from Capitol incident, some with critical trauma stab wounds.

There have been reports for some time about a planned mass gathering of Nazi-esqe groups in Sacramento on June 26.

The Bay Area Independent reports “members of the Traditionalist Workers Party, Golden State Skinheads, Blood & Honor, National Socialist Movement and Ku Klux Klan,” had all planned to attend.

Anti-fascist groups have been preparing a counter-protest, which they say will aim to shut down the “Nazi mega-rally.”

It is unclear how exactly the violence at the capital began.

VIDEO: Police stepping in to stop a man from being attacked.@ABC10

Insane video. Crowd sees any signs of “Nazis” and they run&attack. A lot of people bleeding/getting maced. @ABC10

A similar violent incident happened at a KKK rally near Los Angeles earlier this year.

Witness video captured the brawl in an Anaheim park about 3 miles from Disneyland. Several protesters could be seen kicking a KKK member. One Klansman with an American flag used the pole’s tip to stab a man.

Officers on scene said they witnessed a Klan member stab a protester with a knife. They found a third counter-protester in a car also stabbed.

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