Mayoral candidates gear up for municipal primaries


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson Mayoral Candidate Ken Wilson held a food and water giveaway with his agenda to bring Jackson back together.

The Democratic candidate handed out 100 cases of water and fed 200 people on Saturday. He said his effort is to provide the communities in need with essential resources. As far as resources go, Wilson said he plans to tap into much of that if elected.

In addition to the water crisis, Wilson addressed the serious issue with crime in Jackson. He said he plans to support the police with cop grants and tap into the homeland security fund. The candidate also said the police need a city leader that supports the agenda of community policing in the city.

“Community policing involves us bringing forth Jackson Public Schools, our businesses, our neighborhood associations, our sheriff department, in addition to our clergy and surrounding agencies. So there’s a partnership that we address crime based off stats. We’re also going to analyze the beat system here. We also need to consider bringing another prescient into here, Jackson.” said Wilson

Some supporters said Wilson’s background is what qualifies him to run a city.

“Being that he has been in the business of saving lives and correcting lives, as far as being a firefighter, he has a pretty good picture of what it’s going to take inside in order for it to show on the outside and that’s what we got to have. The morale of JPD and the morale of the fire department, it’s like it’s two different sides. We can’t have that in the city especially with the crime rate as high as we have. We got to make a change. It’s no other choice. We can’t go four more years with what we have,” said Timothy Liddell.

Wilson is one of two Democrats challenging Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba in Tuesday’s primary. Patty Patterson is the other candidate in the race.

Lumumba is seeking a second term and is touting his accomplishments over the past four years, including repaving roads, a real-time crime center for JPD, the $90 million Siemens settlement and ending the furlough for city workers.

Patterson’s platform calls for technology upgrades for Jackson police and firefighters, consistent maintenance to the city’s infrastructure and improvements to the Jackson Public School District.

Ponto Downing and Jason Wells are running in the Republican primary election, while Shafeqah Lodree, Charlotte Reeves and Les Tannehill are running as Independents.

Primary Day is on Tuesday, April 6.

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