MC Choctaws say new offensive coordinator is bringing new intensity


Mississippi College hasn’t had a winning season in 9 years, but the Choctaws say that’s all about to change.

They say last year’s 1-9 record is giving them some much needed motivation.
“Because we knew the talent, we knew the potential we had, but it was a lot of new guys trying to gel together to learn a system,” said senior running back Tiberias Lampkin. “This year we have a new offensive coordinator, we brought a lot new guys in.”
“For us to go 1-9 last year was disappointing, but we know we’re going to turn that around this year.”

Lampkin said new offensive coordinator Tommy Laurendine has added some intensity this spring.

“You can tell he cares about his players because he takes time to know me,” said Lampkin. “He takes time to know the other guys and people buy into that when you can get on our level. Not only can we buy into him for getting on our level. So, we believe in what he’s doing. And since we trust in him, that’s why it shows so good on the field.”

“The offense is going to be a change,” said head coach John Bland. “It’s going to be a more aggressive style offense. I think we’ve got some players that will be able to have their skill set that will be matched up really well for this offense.”
“He’s brought a new energy and I think that’s what you need, especially from the players who are from the past few years.”

The Choctaws are entering their 5th season after moving up to NCAA Division II. Bland said the transition has brought more talent to their program.

“That’s something that people don’t see at first,” Bland said. “They just see the team, they don’t see the amount of recruiting that we’ve been able to do. But, I think it’s paid off. We’re getting better players. We’re getting guys that want to be here. We’re not just going to be toe to toe with people. I think we’ll have a chance, better chances to win and be successful.”

The Choctaws host Clark Atlanta in their season opener. They lost this matchup in last year’s opener 32-29.

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