JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Department of Corrections hosted a career fair on Tuesday for a group of young inmates to prepare them for life after incarceration.

William Hayes, 18, was one of 12 inmates in the Youthful Offender Unit at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility who examined career prospects and gained tips on making good first impressions with a better image.

“I never learned how to tie a tie. When I get out, I want to get a perfect suit so I can get the perfect job,” said Hayes.

Commissioner Burl Cain said helping youthful offenders at this juncture of their lives is critical in helping to making a difference.

“Being in the business of corrections, we are all about rehabilitation and replacing inmates’ past behavior with a new way of thinking and acting while inmates are with us, but it doesn’t end there,” said Commissioner Cain. “We have to continue giving them the tools and resources they need to go out, get jobs, and be productive citizens. This certainly applies to our youthful offenders and if we can succeed with them, that will go a long way toward getting to where we want to be.”

The youthful inmates received information about a wide variety of topics including industrial prospects, careers in technical fields, barber and beauty salons, restaurant employment, firefighting, and a number of resources in furthering their education for additional opportunities.