A Jackson Woman Fights Cancer While Being Pregnant


Kechaunna Gaddis is 23 years old. She was diagnosed with cancer last year. But when she found out she was pregnant she was overjoyed, and worried.

Kechaunna said, “So many thoughts was going through my head. About me, how it would effect my sickness. Was the baby going to make it? Should i tell people?”

Kechaunna said it was a risk she knew she was willing to take. Six months later she’s expecting a baby boy named Noah. Still she said the same health issues she faces day to day have began to affect her unborn child. 

“I pray everyday and every night that he gets better because he is not getting all the nutrition that he is suppose to be getting amd he’s not gaining weight. I am just praying that he makes it and everything goes right with me, said Kechaunna.”

Kechaunna said she had to switch up her medications and cut some off just to save little Noah’s life. Now she says she is hopeful enough blood will be donated to them both.

Kechaunna said, “It took some risks with my sickness that I had to stop to have my baby. But I took those risks just for him.”

Those interested in donated blood for Kechaunna and Noah are asked to visit Mississippi Blood Services. Using the code D-P-8-0 for Kechaunna Gaddis.

There is also a GoFund Me page set up for Kechaunna Gaddis. 

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