A Jackson Woman Hopes to Win Big on The Price is Right


A bucket list goal for a cancer survivor earns a Mississippi woman a spot on the price is right.
The excitement has been nonstop for Monique Montgomery.

The government attorney says her aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given just months to live, but after a successful outcome, Montgomery’s aunt had an idea.

“After a year she said I want to go to the price is right. Let’s go celebrate,” Montgomery said.

So after a little bit of research, Montgomery got her family together, flew to Los Angeles and made it happen.

“Our prayer was that at least one of us make it on the show and I was the one that was fortunate,” she said. “I woke up that morning and knew that I was going to make the show. We went down to breakfast, and I said ‘ladies I’m going to put on my make up because I’m going to be on national TV today.”

The family prays together every Saturday, so they got customized shirts that read “the prayer warriors.” Monique, whose first name is Shella says more than anything it was an honor to see her aunt’s dream realized.

“She was so excited, and she was excited about the airing tomorrow. She’s doing well. She’s been cancer free and she is just taking one day at a time praying for healing in the Warriors are still on the phone every Saturday morning praying for healing.”

“Pursue your dreams and pray about it. Be specific in your prayer, and that’s what I feel allowed us to be a part of the show. Simply by having faith that he was going to happen in being specific.”

Monique could not go into detail about how she did on the show, but you can see her right here on WJTV 12 tomorrow at 10:oo AM.

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