A look into Mississippi’s Trigger Law on Abortion


Mississippi is one of just four states with a trigger law on abortion.

As WJTVs Margaret-Ann Carter explains this law would automatically ban abortion if the Supreme Court turns Roe verses Wade back to the states.

Mississippi law makers have already pulled the trigger with the trigger law to fast track banning abortion if the supreme court decides to let each state determine their own law on abortion.

The trigger law states the attorney general would first have to certify that the supreme court had made this decision, but just 10 days after that abortion in the state of Mississippi would become illegal.

“It makes a felony with up to three years in prison for somebody to perform an abortion, except in cases necessary to save the mother’s life and cases where there is a pending rape prosecution,” Mississippi College Law School Professor, Matt Steffey explained.

Law Professor Matt Steffey says the trigger law aims to close the state’s only abortion clinic.

“This is a law that exclusively affects poor women and women in desperate circumstances, women with means could easily travel outside of state and obtain a safe and legal abortion,” Steffey explained.

North Dakota, South Dakota and Louisiana are also trigger states.

“You would expect the legislative process to study and propose a statue that redefines abortion in a post Roe landscape, if this law weren’t on the books the Mississippi legislature would have to consider and pass a bill,” Steffey said.

However because this law is on the books and pro choice advocates say their voice has been taken away.

“It’s not like when it gets thrown back to the state we have an opportunity to fight. Our legislature has already ensured that there is an anti abortion law waiting for the day that roe v wade is overturned,” Nancy Kohsin-Kintigh with the Pink House Fund said.

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