Burglars ‘Crash and Dash’ store in Clinton


A group of men break into a Clinton store by using an SUV to shatter the front door.

WJTV’s Terrance Friday is live from the Fashion Plaza store in Clinton where this happened.

The owner says this is about $10,000 dollars worth of damage and what’s worse… something like this happened before.

Clinton Police say the men used an SUV stolen from another jurisdiction to break in. Surveillance caught the entire thing on video.

After the got in they stole hundreds of cell phones.

There were five suspects who got out of the truck. Now, the owners are trying to pick up the the pieces but they are understandably frustrated.

Ray Alhalteh-owner 

“We added unbreakable glass, then they thought about something else. They drove in so we have to think of something to secure my business. I can’t afford to keep losing business and losing customers and losing materials”

The last time this happened was in December. Suspects used a brick to get in. If you know any information which can help in the investigation please contact Clinton Police.

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