City of Jackson takes responsibility for water billing woes


The City of Jackson hopes to get issues with backlogged water billing current over the next six months.

Some 20-thousand people have not received their bills for a variety of reasons. 

City officials are taking responsibility but say it’s a problem they inherited from previous administrations.

Public workers director Bon Miller says their plan comes in three main steps. First is get water bills sent out to all of their customers. Next, they will review all of the business processes around the billing, making sure those involved are fully and properly trained. The third is check the technology.

“We have to keep our eye on the ball, all day, every day until we get this fixed.”

Miller also says there are nineteen staff vacancies and the lack of personnel compounds the problem. 

Again Miller says he plans to get the water bills out within 6 months…but he says it’ll hopefully take around 12 months to get the majority of the payments back.  

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