Cold hearted thief steals AC unit from the Good Samaritan Center


A cold hearted thief steals an ac unit from the Good Samaritan Center.

As WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports the non profit organization helps thousands of people around Jackson.

Whether it’s a hot meal or a roof over their head people in the capital city know they can count on the Good Samaritan Center.

For years the organization has been able to house people at its west street location but on Wednesday someone climbed an 8 foot fence and dismantled the ac unit.

“Took the coil and the copper which doesn’t really add up to a lot they might have got 15 dollars out of it but it’s probably going to cost us 10 t12 thousand dollars to replace all of the parts,” Karen Clem- Director of Operations with Good Samaritan Center said.

Karen Clem says that’s 12 thousand dollars they don’t have.

“It’s frustrating because we’re trying to do the best work we can with limited resources and anybody in the non profit field we do it because we’re god led and it’s making a difference,” she said.

Good Samaritan leaders say they feel like the person who did this was just down on their luck and needed some quick cash but if they had come here they would have helped them.

“Since this happened I’ve tried not to get frustrated or deterred by it but just looking at is as an opportunity to get good Samaritan out there I mean it’s negative news but it’s also good news because it’s getting our name out there and people can know more about what we’re doing not only so they can support us but if they can come get help from us,” Clem said.

Clem is hoping to turn this negative into a positive, something they do everyday at the good samaritan center.

“Everyday we’re trying to make the best out of what’s dealt us and we get some pretty bad hands but we just make the best of it and know that god is leading us and really everyday could be worse,” she explained.

Now she’s hoping some other good samaritans will help them out this time around.

If you’re hoping to help you can donate on their website

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