Construction begins on the McDowell Road Bridge


City leaders are turning dirt on a new project as construction officially begins on the McDowell Road bridge.

The shrieking sound of metal scraping against pavement is the sound of progress, music to the ears of South Jackson drivers.
“This bridge is not only important to the convenience of residents, it’s important to the economic development of the area,” Mayor Lumumba said.
The McDowell Road bridge has been closed since last fall because of structural issues.
The $1.2 million project is funded through a grant called the fast track project but in fact it will take some time, approximately 120 days, weather permitting.

“When the federal government sends resources for infrastructure down to a municipality it goes through the state and so It requires coordination on the state level,” he said.
While leaders take a moment to rejoice in this accomplishment, they realize there’s still a long bumpy road ahead as they fight to fix the city’s failing infrastructure.
“We have an estimated $2.5 billion issue and so it requires resources to address this crumbling infrastructure but we’re going to be aggressive in how we approach that and we’re going to be creative,” Lumumba said.
Lumumba says there are several more bridge and road repairs set for the near future.

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