Controversial Business Attracts More Protests


JACKSON, Miss. – For Respect Our Black Dollars it’s a different day, but same mission.

“It won’t be long before they start to bring the same shenanigans over here that they had on bailey avenue,” said Stanley Wesley.

Protesters believe the new store will have some old problems – that’s because the man who was in charge of the business on Bailey Avenue, deemed a public nuisance by Jackson police, was at a different business today on Adkins Drive.

“They got arrested for opium, stolen goods, spice, they were assaulting customers, inside the store…they were cooking without water…and the list goes on,” Wesley explained.

Our cameras were rolling when store Desmond Brown walked inside the store, we wanted to get his response to the concerns brought to us by protesters.

As it turns out, it wasn’t up for discussion.

“Get off my property…(but I am getting both sides) I don’t want your side, get off my property! (Okay, I will, thank you),” Desmond said.

City and county officials had the store on Bailey Avenue closed last month, and protesters say the same should happen with this one.

“People out here wanting this type of business out of their neighborhood and the city is not doing anything, but turning a deaf ear,” said Protestor, Charlie Thomas.

“They’ve gone through the same chain of command to get their business opened back up again, and we put people in office who permitted this…I mean, I don’t understand that,” Cheryl Weeden explained.

Sunday there was a police presence at that protest today, but no arrests were made.

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