Cool Schools: Lake Elementary School

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) - It's never too early to start thinking about college.

That’s why Jackson Public Schools dedicates a whole week to promoting college spirit and readiness.

WJTV12 visited Lake Elementary, where they celebrated the week by throwing a parade for the community.  

The entire school of pre-k through fifth grade students wore their favorite college shirts, and shook their pom-poms around the Mount Vernon Avenue school.

"Here in Mississippi, we have the college and career readiness standard. And we want every student at Lake Elementary to be ready for college, or career or workforce when they graduate Provine High School," Principal Lekeisha Sutton said.

Provine is the feeder high school for Lake Elementary, which makes it even more special that their band lead the parade.

The display is just one way teachers are promoting getting a higher education to the students.

They also had speakers from different colleges, and of course college students come tell the kids why college is cool and important.

"Everything that we do is in preparation for them to be able to read on grade, for them to compute on grade level. And all of those skills, those prerequisite skills, those foundational skills, are very necessary to be successful in college."

"It's a really good thing for the neighborhood, and the kids are so excited," Laketha Harvey said as she watched the parade from the sidewalk.

Though they are just fifth graders now, the class of 2026 already has ideas on where they'll be earning their first degrees. Some said they want to go to Mississippi State University, others said Jackson State University. No matter where they choose, teachers want them to keep college as an option.


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