Emergency officials keeping an eye on backwater flooding


More flooding in Vicksburg…but this time it’s not the Mighty Mississippi leaders are concerned with.

Emergency officials who say the heavy rains that hit north Mississippi earlier this year have trickled down to Warren County–flooding thousands of acres.

Acres of agriculture land now looks like a lake. Water has been here and rising for several weeks.

Usually the area is protected from the north’s rain waters–but with the recent flooding of the Mississippi River the protective floodgates at the Steel Bayou Control Structure had to be closed until Sunday.

John Elfer with Warren County Emergency Management says, “the gates were closed because the river got up higher than the back water and they were able to open it, it would of been counter productive, you’d have water seeping north and south.”

Highway 61 in Warren County is not shut down but the water near it has flooded several homes, something people living on the protected side of the levee aren’t used to, “you haven’t seen this type of water on this side since 1983, so there’s folks that have lived in this area and were here for  the 1983 flood they said they’ve never seen water this high on the levee and i certainly haven’t in the 21 years that I’ve worked here,” says Elfer.

Along with throwing farmers planting season out of wack…it’s also effecting the wildlife. Which can put drivers in danger, “it’s amazing no ones been killed yet, and we just want people especially at night time either avoid the area or if you do have to travel it use  caution slow down don’t drive as fast as you normally would because the wild life their confused, and at night you may see 17 deer in one location and that’s extremely dangerous when those deer and other wild life get on the roads,” says Elfer.

Emergency officials say it’ll be weeks before the water is gone. 

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