EXCLUSIVE: Former JPD officer breaks silence after termination


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– We’re hearing from a former Jackson police officer after he was fired.

We’ve heard from John Knight III. Now the officer who he accused of assaulting him
is talking to us.

John Knight III previously shared these photos of his injuries he says he received when
 former officer Vincent Lampkin slammed him on the ground during a traffic stop.
Lampkin denies the allegations.

“As he refused to go to the ground his face got scratched on a rock and there were some rocks where he was and I think he was told to get on the ground,” said Lampkin.

Knight also told us Lampkin put a gun to his head.

“I believe he stated that a gun was cocked,” said Lampkin. “Our duty issued weapon, we don’t usually have to cock a gun while you’re on duty. It’s not very safe for the officer.”

Lampkin told us the reason for the stop was that Knight was speeding, driving 115 miles per hour.

“He was out on Watkins Drive, racing in that area, didn’t stop for me until he got to I-220,” said Lampkin.

Knight said he was pulled over on I-55.

The Jackson Police Department told us Wednesday night the exaction location of the traffic stop on May 14 was still in question during the internal affairs investigation.
Lampkin was put on administrative leave then fired on May 30.
Lampkin wanted to interview with us to tell his side of the story.

“Even though I was wrongly accused, I think God wants to get a message to the city to do right by people,” said Lampkin.

Lampkin also believes he was wrongfully terminated.

Jackson police say there is no video of the traffic stop.
The internal investigation reports are also not available for release.

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