Great Southern Gun and Knife Show attendance on the rise despite latest gun controversy


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– Gun shoppers browse the Trade Mart at the Great Southern Gun and Knife Show.
     The recent gun debate has not hurt attendance.

     Over 50 vendors spread out handguns and rifles of all kinds, hoping to make sales.
     Gun shows like the one held at the Trade Mart are often occurrences.
     Show director Shawn bean says he brings one to Jackson 4 times a year.
     While gun rights debates continue and Stoneman Douglas High School students travel the country for their Road to Change Tour. Bean says attendance at gun shows have gone up.

“The more they protest against guns, the more that people who are responsible gun owners, who support the constitution and the bill of rights, support the second amendment come out and support,” said Shawn Bean, the Great Southern Gun and Knife Show Director.

     Bean says a challenge they face is the belief that people can irresponsibly sale guns.

“Every law that applies outside these walls applies inside,” said Bean. “There’s a misconception that it’s the wild west. People just come in the gun shows and buy whatever they want.”

     Every customer must complete a background check before buying a gun, just as if they were in a store.

“Some people who do come in here that are felons try to buy a gun and they usually go out in handcuffs,” said Bean.

     Bean says they don’t keep track of how many guns are sold at a show, but it’s nearly the same amount of handguns as rifles.

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