Hinds County Sheriff’s Department: Beware of phone scam


Con artists are using the Hinds County warrants department as a backdrop for a phone scam.

Major Pete Luke with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department says they’ve received  multiple complaints of people getting phone calls from scammers posing as warrant officers. 

The scam works like this; the caller tells the target they need to get a money card from Walgreens or Kroger to pay their fine and avoid jail. Scammers ‘spoof’ the number from where the call originates to make it seem as if the call is coming from the Sheriff’s Department. They will often use real employee names and even create business cards to make the exchange sound legit.

The persons being targeted often feel they have no option but to cooperate. This results in huge financial losses for the victim.

Luke said, “Hang up on these callers, don’t fall victim to this scam.” “Law Enforcement
will never ask you to get a money card in order for you to avoid jail.”

If you have been contacted by telephone by anyone identifying themselves as a Hinds County
Deputy, asking for money, please contact the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office at 601-974-2900 and report it.

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