JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) Contributions to the growing world of technology can be found in Jackson, Mississippi.  

WJTV’s Malary Pullen spoke with two groups from Jackson who are moving up in the technology world.  Both are working to get their inventions to the public.

One team is now in California’s in Silicon Valley looking to make waves in retail.  It started out as a simple idea at the time.  Clara Agnes Ault, Head of Marketing for Curtsy, says that she and her friend – Sarah Kiparizoska from Laurel – were trying to get a dress for an event.  They did not want to buy a dress but could not rent one locally.   She, along with four other University of Mississippi students, thought about creating a Facebook page to help the girls share dresses.  Clara Agnes’ brother William Ault thought bigger, and thought that they should create an app.

No they are working with the “Y Combinator,” one of the country’s best known and successful business accelerators.  Some well-known companies that have been a part of the program in years past include DropBox and AirBnB.

Another Jackson group, comprised of engineers, is working on a product designed to help people with diabetes.

Chevan Baker, is a senior and a computer engineering student at Jackson State University, and is working on developing a mat that can help measure the foot temperature of patients, especially those with diabetes.  He is working with two other students, including Jordan Barber, on the Smart Mat and its app.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center has offered assistance to the students to help fund their venture, as they continue to improve it and make a difference in the lives of others.

The “Curtsy” app is available at two Mississippi schools – Ole Miss and Mississippi State.  Developers are still working with teams to get The Smart Mat into the hands of patients and the physicians responsible for their care.

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