The City of Jackson says ‘Blame China’ for the possible end of a popular recycling program.

A ban on trash imports to China figures in to the potential decision to trash the effort.

WJTV 12’s Gerald Harris has the city’s response.

The city says the solid waste fund isn’t collecting enough revenue to cover the cost of recycling pickups.

Public works Director Bob Miller says a lag in payment is an added part of the issue. If residents don’t pay their water bill, trash bills and collections costs are added in there.

But with China closing their doors on waste, Councilman Melvin Priester says it’s become too costly.

“Beijing banned imports of 24 varieties of solid waste including plastic and unsorted paper – and have expanded that to dozens of more recyclable materials. The City of Jackson can’t afford to recycle. This is something that’s a massive wake-up call for cities from the United States to Australia.

WJTV also received a statement from the City of Jackson’s Public Works director, it says in part:

“The Solid Waste Enterprise fund is not collecting adequate revenues to cover its operating expenses.  The City of Jackson is seeking to negotiate cost reductions to the solid waste contract by suspending the recycling program.  In doing so, we will be seeking alternatives for citizens interested in continuing recycling activities. 

No one knows when the pick-ups will stop. I am told the contract with Waste Management is nearing the end.
Want to know what you can do to reduce the amount of trash in your wastebasket? Tips include:

  • Disposable coffee cups lined with  polyethylene – some recyclers will accept
  • Greasy pizza boxes
  • Yogurt cups – (plastics numbered 3-7)
  • Oily takeout containers – clean before putting in recycling
  • Plastic shopping bags – use plastic bag drop-offs at grocery stores
  • Dirty diapers (self-explanatory)