Jackson-Hinds County Library System looking to throw the book at thieves


After a rash of break-ins, leaders at the Jackson-Hind Library System need your help finding the people responsible.

Thieves have broken into four libraries to date, leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damage.

An empty slab and cut wires are all that’s left of a stolen A-C unit from the Richard Wright branch on McDowell.

Patty Furr- Exec. Dir., Jackson- Hinds Library System “right now they don’t have air conditioning in half of the building. So if it gets really hot like it does this time of year we will be closing if it gets too hot”

Just last week, a surveillance video caught a group of young men throwing rocks at the glass door of a library. The didn’t steal anything but they made a huge mess.

Patty Furr- Exec. Dir., Jackson- Hinds Library System “its used by 80-thousand people a year. So we want to keep that library in great shape and open because the community really needs it.”

The break-ins first started here at the Bolden Moore library the first week in April. Thieves took a large T.V.

Here’s video of the Fannie Lou Hamer library, a thief grabbed the cash box from the counter but dropped it before leaving.

Patty Furr- Exec. Dir., Jackson- Hinds Library System “They took a piece of bar and broke the outer glass and took a rock and broke the inner glass. They spread glass everywhere in the library. we had to close for a whole day just to clean up the mess.”

The Tisdale Library has been closed for some time but, that hasn’t stopped vandals.

Furr says it has already cost the system around $3,000 to fix broken glass. They expect it will cost at least $2,500 to replace the stolen air conditioner.

Patty Furr- Exec. Dir., Jackson- Hinds Library System “If you see someone that you don’t think belongs at the library, if you see them taking something, i would just ask that you call the police.”

Furr says they’ve upgraded security systems and will be adding more lighting at some of their locations.

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