Jackson prepares to meet overflow of unpaid water bills


The City of Jackson will begin disconnecting water service soon for those who haven’t paid.

Terrance Friday was at the meeting where city leaders walked the press through the process.

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba says they want to be as compassionate as possible for those having a hard time meeting their bills but they still have to do what’s in the best interest of the city.

Together, Lumumba and the Public Works Division outline the city’s intentions and ways Jackson will take responsibility for billing issues created during past administrations.

For now, only users who have been getting a bill but haven’t paid are at immediate risk of disconnection.

There is a process for those who haven’t received an invoice and then got hit with a huge bill.

Either way, the Mayor says the city simply can’t continue to ignore the loss of revenue and the far reaching impact of not collecting payment.

“This revenue also supports many of the capital improvement projects that all of the city center would like to see. Without that revenue we are severely limited with what we can do to fix roads we are severely limited but what we can do to fix pipes and it creates a great issue.”

Public Works does not have an exact date when disconnects will begin but they are encouraging people to go ahead and contact the water department if there is a problem.

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