Jackson woman shoots at possible intruder


JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) Jackson Police are still working to get answers after a woman says that she shot a man whom she believed was breaking into her home.

JPD says the woman told police that she confronted the man and then fired at him near Valley North Boulevard at about 3:30am today.  He fled the scene only to be pulled over by officers not long after the incident for a traffic stop. Officers took him into custody for questioning.

Police say no one was hurt.

As of this posting the man has not been charged and his identity has not yet been released.  JPD Commander Tyree Jones says that charges are, however, possible and they do not believe that any other suspects were involved.

[EDITOR’s NOTE: This story corrects an earlier version that stated that the woman shot at the man with a shotgun.  The type of weapon used has not been officially released.]

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