JPS Band supporters: Halftime skit “innocent misunderstanding”

JPS protesters_1539730266384.PNG.jpg

Those who disagree with the recent sanctions again the Forest Hill High School band were present at the school’s regular board meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Band supporters held signs that read things like “We are very aware of how you feel about JPS (Jackson Public Schools), but DO NOT penalize these students and director for an innocent misunderstanding.”

Another sign read “We stand with Forest Hill…”

Forest Hill High School Band is said to be facing a year-long performance ban as a result of their recent halftime performance in Brookhaven, in which students aimed fake assault rifles at student’s dressed as law enforcement.

Additionally, the skit was performed in a town where two police office were shot to death just days prior. 

The Mississippi High School Activities Association recently sent a notice to the school listing the  sanctions against the band and giving the school five days to accept or appeal.

The Jackson School District apologized to the public shortly after their halftime show, saying the act was based on “the movie John Q,” which depicts a hostage situation, according to a press release from the school.

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