Local Stores on High Alert After Recall on Romaine Lettuce

Many Jackson residents were aware of the recall on romaine lettuce. Recent cases within Mississippi had many shoppers concerned. 

Adam Taylor said,  “I just hope they check and make sure they know where it’s coming from. My heart goes out to anyone who got ill.”
The lettuce, tainted with E. coli, had sickened more than 90 people throughout the US. According to the Center for Disease Control. Officials warned companies with romaine lettuce from Yuma, 
Arizona to throw it out. 
” I think something gotta be done, you know. You don’t want to hurt no body or harm no body,” said Jason Myers, a Jackson resident. 
The CDC said it was the biggest outbreak they had seen in the US in the past twelve years. 
Jason Allen the Assistant Manager at the Food Depot in Jackson said when he heard about the romaine lettuce recall, it was a shock. 
“We were scared. We wanted to make sure our customers were not affected. So our first thing was to call Supervalu to see where our product came from. Just making sure everything was 100 percent on our end,” said Allen. 
Since then Allen said the store had been alerting customers their romaine was from California. 
“The outbreak is from Yuma Arizona. Those batches are about over because it’s getting to be summer time. That was coming from the winter crop. The winter crop is about out. It’s about summertime. All summertime lettuce comes from California on our end, ” said Allen.
Allen said as a precaution one should ask the store or restaurant where their romaine lettuce comes from. 

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