MTV feature focuses on sex education through the eyes of Mississippi teens


Two local students get the attention of MTV. The two are working to change the way sex education is handled in Mississipi.

One student goes to Murrah High School. The other is a Senior at St. Andrews Episcopal School in Ridgeland.The two worked to change the way sex education is handled in Mississippi. They work caught the attention of MTV. Now a docu-series on the topic has been produced.

No topic is too sensitive, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy… they looked at everything and all for some positive change says student Emily Kruse.

“At first I naively thought everybody had the same sex ed and that we had in the DC area.”

Emily Kruse and Jermany Gray noticed a big difference when it came to sex education in Mississippi.

“I think knowing about your body is a right instead of a privilege, like it is right now in Mississippi. I think we are really working towards that universal sex education and I’m seeing that legislators are considering that they’re working towards it and a lot of people care about.”

Both teens are members of the Mississippi Youth Council. The teens work together to educate their peers about teen pregnancy and safe sex.

“My council was just absolutely floored when MTV reached out to us we are not any kind of super big organization we are pretty small there’s only 10 of us.”
“At first I was so surprised people didn’t know things like the consequences of STDs and how you get STDs, how to use condoms where to buy condoms simple things that I thought were common sense I realized that I actually learned in sex Ed and that something most Mississippi students are not getting.”

Sex education laws were passed in 2011 mandating all schools teach on the subject. But concerned teens say students need an updated comprehensive curriculum to tackle the issues head on.

The Center for Disease Control ranks Mississippi with the third highest teen birth rate in the country.

“When we had a national organization like MTV news reach out because they heard about the goals we had in the impact we were making it really meant a lot to us and it just kind a raise that issue of Mississippi sex Ed to a national level.”


WJTV did reach out to interview the Murrah Senior as well. After talking with the school district several times, we were unable to schedule an interview.

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