Pastor upset about repeated flooding in Jackson


In Jackson, a church continues to flood everytime it rains in the area. Now, they are asking the City for help.

WJTV’s Shay O’Connor explains why the Pastor says he is at his wit’s end about the drainage issues in the area.

It may look normal now but just hours ago this area was completely flooded…while church services were underway.

Roderick Richardson is the lead pastor at the Word Center located on Executive Place. He says for the last three years, every time it rains, this street floods.

 Roderick Richardson Lead Pastor at The Word Center

“It’s come to the point where i have receipts to show we have had to extract water from here. It’s costed us thousands of dollars. Whereas if they would have fixed it we wouldn’t have to incur those kinds of costs.”

Richardson says the City has been out several times to check on things but nothing has been done to get to the root cause.

“First of all it’s a low lying area already. But simply it does not have adequate drainage for this area. So obviously when they developed this particular area it didn’t have adequate drainage. Something has to be added in order to adequately drain the water from the streets and parking lots.”

He says the Public Works Division has been out to and tried to fix the problem but it was not a permanent solution. Richardson fears for the safety of the church and says it affects other churches and businesses along the way.

“If people can’t drive their car to go to the parking lots, they will turn around and go home. As a church its affecting our ability to do kingdom work. We are now understanding why so many businesses are fleeing Jackson. It’s because we cannot really adequately do business in Jackson because administrations like these are not addressing issues.”


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