Pearl families begin going without water Monday night


Hundreds of homes in Northeastern Pearl Monday night are losing access to water until the early hours of Tuesday morning due to a water main break. 

The repairs have been going on since early Monday morning.

The repair is going on at the intersection of Eldorado Rd. and Head Start Lane, and all around it are streets filled with families and elderly people making sure all their daily chores requiring water are done before the time comes. 

Even with dependence on it every day you never know how much you use H2O until its cut off. 

“My wife and I we got three kids and two dogs, so we use water a lot especially with two daughters,” Pearl resident Alex Cummins said.

From Monday night between 10:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning those in Pearl who live between Old Brandon, Cooper, Henderson, and Burnham Rd. will not receive any water through their house due to a major pipe busting. 

“A 10 inch main right behind us busted and they haven’t been able to find out what valve is feeding the line,” Pearl Spokesman Greg Flynn said. “So they’ve been testing the line all day long to find out what valve is feeding this main. Because they can’t do the repairs really well until the water stops flowing.”

So now it’s time to plan accordingly for all dishes to be washed, and evening showers, or laundry to be done. 

“Doing the dishes, making sure all the clothes are washed and getting showers done and out of the way,” Cummins explained. “And for those who shower in the morning like I do whenever I wake up in the morning just full expectation it will be on.”

Though not a common problem for the area, Greg Flynn did point out many of these streets were just annexed by Pearl constantly changing water systems. 

“Their having a problem finding the maps about what exactly is connected to all these pipes,” Flynn said. “So they’re having engineers out here and they’re figuring out exactly what they need to do.”

Even after its back on locals are still urged to take caution boiling all their water to cook in and give to their pets. 

The Cummins family told me all day they’ve been relying on one big pot to boil and use for all their dishes, drinks and dogs. The city of Pearl also says they’ll keep putting updates on social media which you can also find going to our WJTV pages. 

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