One of the most popular centers in Jackson during the 70’s is getting a new lease on life.

The Quarter on Lakeland Drive is under renovation by State Street Group. They are also adding new loft apartments.

“John David. Cole the owner of the country squire, his stores been at The quarter shopping center right off of Lakeland drive for 50 years. 
He’s seen the shopping center at its peak and at its low. And now with a facelift underway, he’s seeing the shopping center come alive again.”

“Now we’re just excited to be part of Jackson’s rebirth.”

Cole’s been here almost fifty years. He has seen the Quarter during its’ heyday.

“The quarter, it is awesome because this used to be Jackson’s hotspot you know we had poets in the back, there was Monte’s, Bruno’s,  places to eat”

And he’s seen it struggle.

“Over the past 15 years, it’s kind of gone downhill.”

But in 2016, things began to turn around, when new owners bought the shopping center.

“With the new ownership, they’re putting a lot of life back into it.”

Justin Peterson, General Consul of State Street Group is excited about the changes.

“We bought it with an idea to modernize it and to renovate it.”

Right now, crews are working on Phase One of the redo which focuses on the five shops at the front of the complex.

“We are also, converting all of the second story office space to 12 high-end loft apartments, and these will be Class A units.”

“I love the idea of people living upstairs and going to their favorite cigar shop or coffee shop, I think it’s going to give that kind of urban dynamic inviting space for people to come and have a whole night out.”

That’s not all. While it may look like five buildings, it’s actually eighteen.

” Another thing that we’re doing is filling up some of the office space that we have. We have about 8000 square feet of prime office space, we are renovating that building and we are actively seeking to lease that office space.”

The Country Squire can’t wait to see what the next half century brings.

“We think it’s going to be great for another 50 years, and we’re committed to sticking around.”

State Street Group hopes to finish Phase One of the project and begin leasing apartments sometime this fall. For more information contact their website.