UPDATE: Legislators pass infrastructure bill, debate lottery


Lawmakers quickly moved on to a state lottery bill after sending an infrastructure bill to the Governor.

The two versions of the bill went to conference before anyone seemed to know who the conferees were.

Lawmakers I spoke with are concerned about what might be going on behind closed doors. They say they will have the opportunity to reach the bill coming out of conference. Representative Tracy Arnold told me while he’s not voting for the measure, he does understand the need to bring in extra revenue.

“Well I’m not going to vote for it and I haven’t it actually passed the house in several amendments in the past— as a pastor in a church in — it’s not something I could support —however, iI do see that we have a lot of needs in our state and there are people that are willing to surrender their money and we could use some of that money for our infrastructure.”

A state lottery has been proposed for years as a way to provide extra funding for education. No word on what the split between education and infrastructure might be.


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