Vacant Kuhn Memorial State Hospital to be demolished


Vicksburg city leaders rejoice after finding out the vacant Kuhn Memorial State Hospital will soon be demolished.

As WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports a construction crew has been hired to flatten the blighted property within 180 days.

“When I heard the good news I said hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah,” Mayor George Flaggs said.

More than 15 years after the state closed Kuhn Memorial Hospital –faint lettering remains. For years city leaders have fought to have the graffiti clad building torn down.

“We had to get some blight money and some brownfield money because it has asbestos in it from the state we had qualify for that then we had to go out and bid for construction, now that we’ve signed with M&M Construction in Jackson we’re ready to go forward now,” he explained.

Not only is the abandon building an eyesore but it’s also a crime scene to a murder.

“We’ve had any number of escapes from the jail to got there and be recovered we had a murder that happened on that site it’s just been unfortunate to the city of Vicksburg,” Flaggs said.

Mayor Flaggs wants to see the more than 12 acre property turned into a multipurpose recreational and residential area with a walking trail.

“I am absolutely confident that we can redevelop and revitalize that area by creating some recreational programs and sites out there,” Flaggs explained.

M&M construction must have its equipment on site within 10 days and the grounds must be cleared in 180 days.

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