A man prosecutors are hoping might help in the murder case of Kingston Frazier appeared in court around 4 pm Monday in Madison County. He will serve fifteen years in jail with another five on supervised probation on charges of accessory after the fact and kidnapping accessory after the fact.

D’Allen Washington ask forgiveness from Kingston Frazier’s family. Washington pled earlier this year to accessory after the fact in the kidnapping and murder of Frazier who was six when his mother’s car was stolen from a Kroger parking lot on I-55 with the child in the back.

According to lawyers in the case, Washington was not actually there when the young boy was killed but had known about the murder.

Byron McBride has been indicted for capital murder. Washington’s attorney says he agreed to pick McBride up then showed both he and Dwan Wakefield pictures of the little boy’s body.

Wakefield has also been charged as an accessory after the fact, car theft and kidnapping.

Prosecutors say Washington will testify against both Wakefield and McBride in the case.