Suspect steals MHP patrol car in Jackson, witnesses say


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A routine traffic stop turned into a State Trooper getting his patrol car stolen. Shots were fired from the trooper after the suspect pulled out a weapon before he sped off.

Communities around West McDowell and Terry Rd. were startled by this chaotic event heading through their streets. The suspect is in custody but needed medical attention immediately.

Along Savannah St. by the Camilla Dr. intersection neighbors described the moments as their streets were caught up in gunfire.

“By the time he stopped he was having a standoff and the police walked up to his car they looked like they were going to fight,” Devanta Campbell said. “So the police went back to his car and the man ran out with his hands up and hopped in the car and fled. The police shot probably 18 times and hit him four or five times.”

Witnesses described the suspect taunting police to shoot him and escalating the situation.

“I pretty much knew the man had a death wish and he was looking like he wanted to get shot,” Campbell continued. “He was doing everything to give the police a reason to shoot and the officer did not want to kill him at all.”

The suspect took off before coming to a stop off Terry Rd. by the Cedar Ln. intersection with the patrol car’s back tire blown out. Hinds County, Jackson, and Pearl Police plus Highway Patrol all surrounded the scene.

“There’s a misdemeanor charge from the initial traffic stop and other charges are going to be pending,” Sgt. Kervin Stewart with Mississippi Highway Patrol stated. “He is also a convicted felon so he had a firearm that was recovered in a ditch so he’ll be charged with that and other felony charges.”

With a large police presence, another man was eventually detained after discovering him in a ditch next to the scene then chasing him around the block. He was later released.

No officers or bystanders were injured during this encounter. The suspect is currently being treated at UMMC while in custody.


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