MHSAA football tournament goes on despite increase in COVID-19 cases


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Six teams are competing in the MHSAA tournament on Friday, even as the pandemic worsens.

While Mississippians have been advised by the state’s health department to avoid large gatherings and sporting events, plenty of dedicated fans still showed up for their teams on and off all day.

Don Hinton with the MHSAA said he’s not concerned about spreading the virus because the stadium was not even remotely close to capacity.

“We’re in a 45,000 seat stadium if you have a couple thousand or even 6,000 or 8,000 if you want to you can spread yourself out,” said Executive Director Don Hinton.

Fans like Destinee and Katrina Shanklin attended to support their family members playing. They said they took the right precautions.

“I’m here to support my cousins and friends and I keep my mask on and stay with my family.”

“Keeping our distance from each other.”

On the other side, where winning Magee fans set up camp, there’s a similar situation.

“I’m social distancing. I got my mask in my pocket. I’m gonna put it back on in a few because it’s about to get real crowded,” said Magee supporter, Jalen Franks.

“Wearing masks and social distancing,” said Magee supporter, Terrence Logan.

While there are six games over the course of two days, there is time between each game to allow each team to warm up and to allow fans to be able to enter and exit without coming too close to other teams.


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