JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Making an early pit stop on the Mississippi campaign trail mayor Mike Bloomberg’s team hosted a rally at Tougaloo College.

At the event were mayors of Mississippi towns and one from Baltimore pushing Bloomberg’s agenda.

Election day for the democratic primaries in Mississippi is still a week away, but one candidate is looking to get ahead of the game putting on rallies and racking up local endorsements.

“We must send Trump back to where he came from,” former Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stated.

Alongside former Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake several Mississippi mayors gathered at Tougaloo College to push candidate Bloomberg’s message to the state.

“Having a partner in the Whitehouse who not only understands our issues,” Meridian mayor Percy Blane said. “But also has stood strong on our issues would mean the world to our citizens of Meridian and Jackson.”

The common motto across the Kroger Gym was mike for black America, driven by promises mayor Bloomberg with his “Greenwood Initiative” plan will grow black communities out of poverty.

“He has increased the number of certified women and minority-owned businesses from 800 to 3700 in New York,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said. “And awarded contracts to those businesses of $3.5 billion.”

“He helped to make communities safe by empowering mothers who do advocacy for gun laws,” State Representative Cheika Taylor told the crowd. “Funding and founding Moms who demand action.”

For many Tougaloo students who attended this will be their first presidential election, they can vote in, motivating them to speak up for what opportunities black Americans may lack.

“Support for HBCU’s I think that’s very important for our economy,” Freshman Montae’l Williams said. “And it may not get the funding that it needs.”

“One of the issues I see facing the black generation is mass incarceration,” freshman Natalie Hampton said. “And what they can do to go out in the community and help teach them to stay out of prison in Mississippi.”

The Greenwood Initiative by mayor Bloomberg was first announced in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The same city wherein 1921 black businesses and houses were burned and destroyed by white mobs driven by racism.

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