Military dad surprises family at USM baseball game


What seemed like just a regular first pitch before Southern Miss’ doubleheader against Gonzaga, was the surprise of a lifetime for the Beasley family.

It had been nine long months since Lieutenant Kaleb Beasley had seen his family, but with the help of Southern Miss, he was able to pull this reunion off in style.

“Oh I came up with this a long time ago,” said Lt. Beasley. “It was just a dream I never thought was possible and I started making some phone calls and realized it was possible. And all of the great people at Southern Miss made it happen for me.” 

Beasley’s original plan included more than just surprising his son, Issac. He wanted to surprise his wife Stephanie as well, but she figured out his plan in the last few weeks.

“I just had this gut, like a really strong gut feeling for a few days and I just started questioning things,” Stephanie Beasley said. “And I just ended up asking him like ‘straight up are you in the states?’
“Yeah I couldn’t lie to her.”

What everyone wants to know, though, is what little Issac Beasley was thinking once he realized his dad was finally home. 

“I knew it was daddy because I missed him for a long time.”

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