Millsaps College students gear up for safe holiday weekend


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Some students are staying in Mississippi, and some are going a few hundred miles away for the holidays.

Maya Bahro is heading to Dallas to see family friends. She said her family will be driving from Madison to avoid coming into contact with strangers at the airport, and that they’re well prepared.

“My family and I have traveled a lot since COVID started,” Bahro said. “Whether it be flying or driving, we’ve made sure to take all precautionary measures that we can, and now that we’re comfortable doing it and we know what we’re doing, we’re really comfortable traveling.”

One student, Landon Wimberly, said he’ll be going back to the coast to see his immediate family, and as for his extended family, they’ll be Zooming.

“That way we can try to have that sense of having family around you,” Wimberly said. “It’s gonna be a little different.”

Caroline Teague said she’s not at all nervous about contracting or giving the virus to anyone while she’s at home in Ellijay, Georgia because she’ll be laying low with her family.

“If I go out I’ll wear a mask,” Teague said. “Other than that I’ll just be staying home most of the time.”

Students are welcome to come back to campus after the holiday, but the remaining few weeks of the semester will be conducted online to minimize the spread.


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