Mississippi averaged over 730 COVID cases per-day last week, governor remains optimistic


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – While counties one by one get placed on the individual mask mandate list Governor Tate Reeves centered much of his statements on case numbers in the state. But how are they being measured to understand what area is a hot spot and needs more attention?

For a county to be deemed a hot spot and go back under a mask mandate it must either report over 200 new Coronavirus cases within a two week period or over 500 per 100,000 residents. We’ve gone from zero to 16 counties in this stage but Governor Tate Reeves remains optimistic.

Alongside the Governor Dr. Thomas Dobbs with the state department of health announced hospital capacity is stable but ICU bed availability is shrinking.

“There are six hospitals in the state that do not have ICU beds,” Dr. Dobbs announced. “These are referral hospitals and in Jackson, it’s still pretty tight. Three ICU beds are logged as available.”

Gov. Reeves wanted to steer rising Mississippi statistics away from national spikes as slower than most.

“In the middle of a nationwide surge in cases Mississippi has been slower than most in other states in our increases,” Gov. Reeves said. “In fact last week we saw a 17% decrease in 7-day numbers.”

The weekly average number from Oct. 18. through Oct. 25. still comes out to around 739 cases a day. Almost 300 more than our recent lowest seven-day average recorded Sep. 13.

“If you go out in public wear a mask, stay socially distant,” Gov. Reeves added. “Don’t get close to one another and have big events for social purposes.”

Gov. Reeves acknowledged this past weekend’s new case numbers top last weekend by almost 100. If we move in the new direction hospitals can get overwhelmed and not be able to keep up with all illnesses.

“There’s just nowhere to go we have people that can’t get transferred from rural areas to hospitals that need to be taken care of,” Dr. Dobbs said. “Trauma can’t get taken care of, we had to ship people like fly a stroke patient to Atlanta in the middle of the summer which is crazy.”

Statewide 19% of ICU capacity remains open with most Non-COVID related. Hospitals are required to reserve 10% of their space for Coronavirus patients only.


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